Video: Mid-winter Waltz/Into the Unknown

For some time now, Will and I have been making videos of musical fun and putting them up on youtube. We wanted to be putting out regular content and have some promotional material that was easily findable for gig bookers! However, we also just have a lot of fun making the videos and getting guests involved. Here is our most recent offering:

We’re both enormous fans of Over The Garden Wall, and in fact many other cartoons (Adventure Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Steven Universe are other favourites!) – we both really appreciate the interesting and well-developed storylines, engaging characters, beautiful visuals and excellent music that is prevelant throughout. We’ve actually done a video using a song from OTGW before, but it was more of a straight cover, whereas our new offering contrasts the title track from the show with a traditional-style waltz (written by Larry Edelman). If you enjoy these videos, you can find the full list of them here.